TV-To watch or not?

When I’m stressed, I like to watch TV and zone out.

Tv is a favorite way to shut down and unwind. A lot of people use it as an escape and as a stress release. You would think this is a good thing and it helps you wind down towards bedtime, however it actually has the opposite effect.

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It feels like my mind shuts down.

the interaction with the screen and images, actually change your brain function patterns into something that more closely resembles depression, rather than relaxation or sleep.

Then I feel sleepy and want to go to bed.

The color from the screen inhibits your production of melatonin, the hormone responsible for getting sleeping and falling asleep, so it disrupts your sleep wake cycle.

I suppose I feel more like a zombie than relaxed, and when I get to bed, I can’t sleep…

For these reasons it is important to shut off all screens, including TV, phone, and tablet, at least an hour before bed. Also, implement a different strategy for stress reduction and coping, such as exercise, yoga, mindfulness, or guided meditation practices, to name a few ideas.

We all worry about what screen time does to children’s brains, but we have to keep in mind that our brains are constantly growing new connections, and doing ongoing complicated processes that we don’t even know about. We need to nurture those processes and allow them the time to heal with proper deep sleep as well.

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