The danger of your cell phone at night

We’ve talked about screen time before bed in a previous blog, but there is something even more important in relation to brain health that I want to talk to you about.

Did you know that in the past few years it was discovered that there was a whole part of the brain which we had never know about before.It was discovered that we have a whole lymphatic system in the brain, called the glymphatics. This system works to clean up the bi products of cellular metabolism, or the toxins produced by your brain on a daily basis.

What! Something we didn’t even know existed in this day and age?

This system is active in the darkest part of the night, when we are in the deepest sleep. It will only work properly when we are in a deep sleep. We need this system working to keep brain health optimal, to have clear thinking, to heal damage from injury, and to prevent long term issues like alzeheimers and parkinsons.

Turn it off at night!

The depth of your sleep might prevent some of these cognitive diseases!

There is another thing, besides lack of sleep, that has been studied and shown to inhibit the activity of these glymphatics. This is something called Electro Magnetic Frequencies or EMFs, and it has been shown that when EMFs are present, the glymphatics cannot work properly. Now some people seem to be more sensitive than others, but even those that don’t seem to notice, are still having negative effects on their body.

So what are the easiest ways to make sure this system can work properly?

First, put your cellphone in airplane mode at night. If you absolutely cannot do that, then ensure it is at least 6m from your bed. Second, turn off your wifi at night. The easiest thing to do is put it on a timer, like the one you can use to control your lights, and have it shut off before you go to bed and turn on when you’re going to get up in the morning. Other things to look for in your house include wireless phones – ensure you do not have one in your bedroom, AppleTV – ensure it is unplugged at night (turning them off does not decrease their transmitting and EMFs), and Alexa’s – should be turned off and unplugged as well.

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