Keeping your Mental Sanity

Are you really stressed or super busy? Are you taking time to relax and ‘ground’every day?

Mindfulness is a practice where you really connect to yourself, or the world around you. By doing this you slow everything down for a few minutes, and allow your body to return to a state of relaxation.

Connecting and calming your body is important for it to function properly and not get burnt out.

 A mindfulness practice doesn’t have to be difficult. It can be as simple as sitting quietly in your yard and listening to the sounds in the world around you, notice the birds calling, the sound of the wind, water running. Or it can be a breathing with movement practice, where you really call your attention to how you are breathing when you are moving in a certain way. It brings you into a slower breathing pattern. There is a great book called the little book for mindfulness that you can purchase to get some ideas.

There are other practices that can help to calm you as well.

Guided meditation is a little different from mindfulness, but still they are very similar in a lot of ways. With guided meditation, you are listening to someone, usually with your eyes closed and laying down or sitting quietly. They will guide you on how to breath and what to think about during the practice.

It can really help to quiet your mind and give you something to focus on.

It is really helpful for people that don’t know how to meditate, or people who think meditation sounds scary, or people who can’t get their minds to quiet down, even if they sit quietly. Insight timer Free is my favorite app because it has a huge network of different types of free guided meditations. You can even start one to fall asleep and have it shut off when it is done. Another great app is called Calm. They have a free and paid version as well. One of my favorite parts of that app is the breath work function. Especially if you are feeling anxious or having difficulty calming down, it will gradually work with your breathing to slow you down.

It doesn’t matter what you practice, but you should use something every day, for a few minutes,to feel that calm and relaxed state settle over your body.

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