To Multivitamin or NOT to multivitamin…

Should you be taking a Multivitamin?

There are a lot of mixed reviews on multivitamins – take them, don’t take them, they’re a waste of your money, you pee them out, they are harmful. You can hear something different almost every day.

It all gets a little confusing sometimes.

Probably not a good Multi…

In the end, the truth of a multivitamin is that it is designed to ensure you get the bare minimum basic of nutrients into your diet on a daily basis. Unfortunately, there are huge differences in different kinds of multi’s. most of the inexpensive and mass-produced varieties use synthetic, poorly absorbed forms of the vitamins, in extremely low doses. At best you’re getting almost nothing out of them. In fact, some don’t even break down in most people’s digestive tracts!

So how do you know you’re getting something out of it?

I hate to say it, but some a lot of the higher priced multi’s are in fact better. The reason for this is that they are actually manufactured in a way that you can digest and absorb the nutrients, and they use vitamin types that are often in active, bio available forms that your body can actually use.

But do you really need one?

If you’re in doubt, ask a nutritionist or naturopathic doctor that can advise you on the differences and understand which one is best for you.

Wait, what about the fact that they can cause harm?

Finally, I’d like to address the causing harm concern. A few years ago, there was a study that came out claiming harm from multivitamins. It was a very poorly constructed study, and it used a multivitamin that was both very difficult for someone to digest, and had imbalanced levels of some minerals, which can cause deficiencies that lead to body harm when these amounts are not balanced in intake over a long term. So be critical about what you read and hear, and again, ask for advice from someone who is trained and understands you individually if you are unsure what you need.

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