Explaining Autoimmune

How it works and how to manage it


You’ve probably heard the term autoimmune before, and may even have an autoimmune disease, and still not know what it means. A basic explanation is that the body is attacking itself. The immune system has decided that some type of cell or organ is now a threat to your overall health and is attempting to remove it from the body. Unfortunately, this is an issue because the cells or organs the immune system is attacking, are actually essential for health and proper operation of the body, so instead of helping, it’s creating harm.

Shouldn’t we just shut it down then?

Conventionally the answer is to give certain medications that will suppress or turn off the immune system. In some cases, this is what has to happen. However, we like to look a little deeper.

What is actually causing the body to attack itself?

Something is wrong with the function and balance of the immune system and we need to address why it is happening. IF we think about the immune system as teeter-totter, we see on one point of balance, the system is set to fight different infections, clean up debris of inflammation and normal body function, and clean up cells that are dying or mutated. If it shifts towards the other end being dominant, it is more sensitized to have environmental allergies, autoimmune diseases, and is unable to properly control infectious agents or clean up cancerous cells.

So why, why do we get this imbalance?

One way it occurs is continual exposure to things in our diet’s that cause a constant, mild reaction, and that leads to the imbalance. The other reason can be changes that occur with chronic stress , due to cortisol influence on the function of the immune system, as well as nutrient depletions as your body tries to deal with stress management demands, and because while under stress we tend to reach for comfort foods, and those foods that have low nutrient value.

The final way this seems to be triggered, is due to an issue with non-acceptance of self.

In cases where we cannot find a physiological reason why an autoimmune response is occurring, we have to look to the mental-emotional aspects of health. The power of our thoughts controls the expression of certain genes in our cells.

This is a bit of an upper level concept to understand, but it has been validated with scientific review.

Our mind literally controls our body, and if we are unaccepting or unloving of ourselves, and we carry genetic content that could be turned on to influence this type of response, it becomes a potential for your long-term health.

So, practicing self-love, stress management, and having a clean and healthy diet, goes a long well to helping prevent, manage, or even reverse in some cases, autoimmune diseases.

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