Exercise Habits

What’s right for you?

Blegh, I hate exercise!

Is this a story you tell yourself in your head? Or perhaps it’s “I do the housework, that’s a lot of exercise”. And yet, you’re having trouble sleeping, your mood isn’t great, your energy isn’t what you want, or maybe you’re struggling to loser weight?

You just have to do it!

Movement is so important for your body. It helps to regulate and release a number of different hormone pathways which impact the way you feel and the way your body functions overall. Exercise, or targeted movement, is important for way more than just losing weight. In fact, a lot of extra pain occurs when we are not moving enough, so in fact you need to move more to reduce the pain. The same is true for energy, when we target the right type of exercise, we will actually improve our energy!

What is the best type of exercise?

The truth is there is no best type for everyone. The best exercise is something you can enjoy doing, and meets you where you are at physically. For example, someone with severe fatigue, or mobility issues, should start with gentle restorative yoga and short, gentle walks. Someone with low motivation but otherwise healthy might do well in a group setting, high energy cardio class. Whereas someone who is already active and looking to increase tone might want to add a HIIT class or weights workout.

The only thing that matters is getting up and active every day.

We aim for 30 minutes because this is optimal for improving both body and brain health, but if you’re just getting started, 5 minutes or 10 minutes is absolutely awesome.

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