Self Care or Self Neglect?

What does it mean? Are you doing too little, or too much?

What have you done for yourself lately?

We hear a lot about all the things we are supposed to be doing for ourselves, and we feel like we have to do all the right things in order to be caring properly for ourselves. You should go to yoga, and you should meditate, and you should run, and you should eat well, and you should…. You get the point, there are many things you should do, in order to be doing all the right things.

What if it’s all too much?

We sometimes get caught up in all the things that we are supposed to do, and we actually end up doing too much. We end up causing ourselves stress because we have to get that other self-care item done to help us relax.

So, I should stop my self-care routine?

No, definitely not. But everything is about balance. Have you ever considered that sometimes self-care that involves just curling up with a book, or taking a bath, is just as important as doing the yoga class and the meditation? Or that it is ok to have a movie marathon with your kids and leave the housework undone? Can that occasionally be self-care as well? YES! Sometimes the best self-care is just letting everything slide for a day, and laying around in your PJs.

Dr. Kim did you seriously just tell me to lay around for a day?

It seems counter intuitive, but sometimes the best self-care is to not worry and do no care, or nothing at all. However, I don’t mean that this is to be an ongoing thing and to just drop your routines. You do need those. What I am saying, is that sometimes it is ok, even good, to just relax so fully that nothing gets done. Just take time for something that you enjoy but has no purpose, or take time to spend doing something fun and silly with your family. We have to view it as its own type of care, the care where you give yourself permission to just let it slide, let it go, and really be at ease.

Don’t let it slide into self-neglect though.

Life is all about balance. We have stress, so we have self-care to manage the stress. We try to do too much self-care that it becomes as task, we need to take time to really just relax and do nothing, just be. We stay in a state of just let it slide and be too long, and it becomes self-neglect. That’s where you just can’t seem to get in the care that you know you need. It’s the diet that has slipped a little too far off of healthy, and the exercise that just doesn’t really happen, or you know, where you come home from work and just sit for the rest of the evening. It’s not full self-harm, but it is the other side of balance scale. If you’re here, you need to start to implement small, but effective routines to care for your body. It will actually help to improve your energy, and your mood, and your sleep, and it does help your body to cope better with stress and excessive busyness.

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