Reach your Goals

Without getting held back

What do you want, and I mean really really want?

When you set out to do something, do you really think about why you are doing it? Do you set a goal for a specific outcome, and get excited about that outcome before it even happens?

Do you want to know the secret to achieving exactly what you want?

Don’t dream small, even if what you want doesn’t seem possible, or you don’t know how to get there, setting a goal, that feels like a dream, and that you can emotionally connect to, is the type of goal you will actually go out to achieve.

Dream Big and Get Excited.

A goal that is small, won’t inspire you to change the beliefs you have about yourself, and will keep you in a limited space. When it’s not exciting, you don’t engage with committing to the steps you need to take to get there.

And know WHY you want to get there.

The second step to setting and achieving a goal, is understanding WHY you want it. Does it give you freedom, will it increase the joy in your life, will it give you energy to spend time with your family. If your goal is to lose weight so you look better, or so someone else thinks you look better, that is a goal at a low vibration. You have infused it with feeling bad about how you are now.

Figure out a Why that nourishes your soul and sets your heart on fire.

You need to be able to feel the energy you’ll have, the moments of joy playing with your kids, and that will create the emotional drive to get to your goal so that you can push through the challenges that come your way.

Go get it Girl!

So, start by creating that fantasy of what your life will look like when you achieve your goal. Start to feel excited about how that positive change will affect every aspect of your life. And then start to take a step, any step, towards that goal, no matter what anyone else says is possible or not. You are the only one in control of the results you get in life. Go get what you want!

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