The Scale Lies

In today’s media driven world, with photoshop, filters, and endless selfies is there any doubt that this incredibly impossible standard is creating body image and self image concerns for many? Women especially seem to be affected, for this illusion of perfection has become ingrained into our personal belief system and identity.  Rather than the focus being on vitality and health, our weight somehow represents our worthiness as a human being in our own preprogrammed mind.

We are our own worst critics, judging ourselves through the harshest lens, magnifying our flaws and imperfections.  Judging ourselves more ruthless than we would any other individual. Deep down, we know this isn’t right, but somehow it doesn’t stop us from this self loathing behaviour.    

The dredded morning walk to the scale is a ritual of many women who anticipate validation or shame from the number displayed.  When the number is higher than anticipated many feel their personal worth diminished but when the number is lower somehow an increase in self worth and self image is experienced.

Our relationship with gravity is the only thing a scale actually measures. That’s it.  Nothing more, zero zilch.. It tells us nothing about the person we are inside, our talents, gifts, or the joy we experience with family and friends.   

The scale isn’t concerned about personal health. That scale doesn’t acknowledge if we are primarily muscle or a healthy balance of fat and muscle. (Yes ladies, we need some fat to regulate our hormones properly!) It could care less if we are strong and resilient, or how we deal with stress in our daily lives.  

That scale is a liar, of the worst kind, twisting our self worth until all we think about is our relationship with gravity. We are so much more than a number or a reflection in the mirror compared to photoshopped models and fake filtered selfies.

Toss that scale aside and celebrate your individuality and vitality.  Strive to be strong, healthy and vibrant. When we are strong and healthy, we have the energy to be a kind, loving and generous individual. We have the energy to be joyful, patient and creative. We have the strength and confidence to share our unique gifts with those around us contributing positively to society because we feel great inside and out.  A number on a scale can do none of those things.

Stop believing in the lies of your scale.  It knows only a number that can not even remotely come close to defining who you are as an individual. Realize that 95% of the human population does not look like those portrayed in mainstream media and social media and that’s a wonderful blessing!  

Watch for next week’s blog about Fat loss vs Weight loss, and the announcement of my new program the Fat Loss Master Plan! A plan created to improve health outcomes as they relate to fat, not about harsh self image and self worth as it pertains to weight.

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