Fat Loss Not Weight Loss

We are forever talking about weight loss. One of the primary concerns that comes into my office is “I need to lose weight”, when they have a number of other symptoms and concerns going on in their bodies and lives. Let me tell you first, when your body is out of balance, under stress, or inflamed, losing weight is the last thing it’s going to do. But let’s assume that things are in balance and you’re still not losing weight.

You get on a program and at first lose a bunch of weight and you are happy. But are you healthy? What did you just lose to make up that weight loss? Do you know if you primarily lost fat, or did you lose muscle mass, or just simply excess fluids?

When we lose weight just for the goal of weight loss, often we are not just losing fat, and end up losing weight in a fairly unhealthy manner.

Let’s shift our focus. What we really want is to become healthier, and feel more energized. We want to feel firmer and fitter. So that means we actually want to be building muscle and burning fat. In an age of diets that cause us to just lose weight, we have some pretty messed up metabolisms, and it can take some dedication to retrain that metabolic fire.

Ask yourself this, what is your goal when you say you want to lose weight? If it’s to become fitter and firmer, build muscle and burn fat, then is the diet you are working with doing that? Are you exercising properly? Start asking the hard questions.

Let me give you a few quick tips: You have to use weight and repetition (including body weight) to build muscle. Cardio is excellent and helps in a lot of ways, but you have to add in the factors that build that muscle. You also have to be giving your body proper building blocks! If you are starving it of one of it’s essential resources (hint carbs aren’t bad) it’s going to struggle to build what you need, and it’s going to turn down your metabolism to prevent starvation. Next week I’ll tell you why carbs are NOT your enemy!

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