Carbs are NOT your enemy

I have observed this “carbohydrates are evil” trend over the last few years in a state of disbelief. Carbs have been deemed the enemy especially in relationship to weight loss. The latest diet fads have trended to drastically reducing and eliminating carbs altogether. Did we decide that if Fat was no longer the evil nemesis we were programmed to believe, we had to pick on another one of our macronutrients to be the bad guy?  Apparently sugar alone can’t just be enough of a diabolical villain, we needed more. Thank goodness we all can agree that protein is good!

But really, why do we have such a hate on for carbs? Sure, if we are talking a diet of chips and pop and baked goods, then reducing those carbs is probably a good call. Mainly because it is lowering our sugar intake. However, dropping overall carbs, including fruits and veggies, to the point of putting our bodies in to ketosis, is going a bit extreme in my opinion. There are a few highly researched medical conditions that benefit from the body being in this state, but as a tool for healthy weight loss this is not a great long-term plan.

We NEED our carbs. Especially as women. They are absolutely vital for keeping your metabolism cranked up and running strong, and additionally for helping your body balance the production of vital hormones. Long term restriction of carbohydrates can lead to some hormone imbalances in your body.

In the long run, we really are not doing our bodies a favor when we stick with an extreme diet that is low carb or low in caloric intake. Our bodies work the way they do for a reason. Give your body the tools it needs to do its job and it will repay you with health and vitality!

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